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the trailer cart

Converts from a large 300 litre wheelbarrow to a tipping trailer with ease

  • 300 litre tray
  • 250kg load capacity
  • Strong, plastic, tray
  • When tipped the tray presents like a shovel for sweeping leaves etc. into the tray
  • Stable. Two wheelbarrow wheels support the load in the tray and a castor wheel behind gives excellent manoeuvrability and stability
  • Built in tow bar for a quad bike
  • Plastic wheels do not rust
  • Requires some assembly
  • 40kg in weight, when empty


A three wheeled tip cart with the capacity of four wheelbarrows.

A versatile trailer for a ride-on mower or quad bike, which can carry a huge load capacity in its tray. When uncoupled, it easily transforms into a hand push cart, with the load carried lightly on the two main wheels and a rear castor to make easy work of balancing and manoeuvring the cart.

It can have a tow ball coupling as an optional adaptor for vehicles that do not have the standard clevis and pin arrangement.



The trailer has a simple release to tip loads out until the barrow is empty.

  • 300 litre, 250kg capacity
  • Black plastic.
  • 1100mm long x 900mm wide x 300mm deep


  • Powder coated black.


  • Two 8 inch, low-speed, pneumatic, wheelbarrow wheels
  • One 100mm, solid, rear castor
  • The butyl rubber inner tube holds pressure longer
  • Butyl rubber inner tubes, that stay hard

Note: Not designed for on road use.


The following spare parts are available for a Tow Tipper:

Axle kit pic

Axle kit

Tray Tray
Bolt pack pic Bolt pack
Tyre pic Tyre
N/A Hand grips
Wheel pic Wheel
N/A Handle
Inner tube pic Inner tube

To purchase your spare parts please see your local retailer.


1 year guarantee

Mr Wheelbarrow

"With this beauty you get four wheelbarrow loads in one. Be warned! You need big burly muscles like mine if you take a load on a hill. Please be careful, like me, and stay safe. Keep it hooked to your quad bike if it is not completely flat"

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